How to create simple online shop.

In this course we create Cart Widget that can be embedded into sites in order to allow its users to buy products and send orders to site owner.

You'll learn how to:

  • Quickly prototype User Interface with Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Build REST API using NodeJS.
  • Use REST API in Browser with JavaScript.
  • Keep markup and code clean using Client Side Templates.
  • Simplify CSS styling using Browser live refresh.
  • Create dynamic Forms with JavaScript and validate it.
  • Instant reaction UI without blocking, waiting and progress.
  • Localisation to multiple languages.

Additionally you'll also learn how to:

  • Build simple product from the scratch.
  • Draw a Prototype using Paper and Pencil.
  • Deliver project to the production using Cloud Provider.



Q&A forum.

Why no Backbone.js or other Client-Side MVC?

Because it would be a mistake to use it in this case. This is relatively simple Application and in this case MVC is overkill and only complicates our code without any advantage.

By Alex Craft